All Trades Queensland

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All Trades Queensland is Australia’s largest commercial employer of apprentices and trainees. Established for over 29 years we have the largest and most skilled pool of apprentices in Queensland. We employ and mentor, first, second and third year apprentices and trainees to above industry standards, maximising their career opportunities and providing organisations with high a high quality, ready-made workforce for short and long-term work.

Our every growing pool of apprentices and trainees service number of organisations across all industry sectors meaning our focus is twofold:

We provide organisations with flexible, hassle-free solutions to expand, improve and manage their workforces.

We provide young Australians with valuable professional development and the best environment in which to flourish through comprehensive real world training.

All Trades Queensland offers comprehensive hiring and staffing solutions that allow an organisation to maximise their workforce stability and flexibility. All Trades Queensland have contributed to over 20,000 career commencements and career enhancement opportunities in over 6 industries with over eight thousand Queensland businesses


2A Glebe Road
Newtown 4350
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